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Schedule goes as follows:

  • Monday: RockinRizon
  • Tuesday: Nerzha
  • Wednesday: candescence
  • Thursday: Basque
  • Friday: Open Stream Slot

As always, check my Trello for more info

Taking this opportunity, I’m posting some news as well:


  • I’ve updated my Trello, so you can click and see all the details about commission progress, please feel free to check and monitor anything in there.
  • My Stream Schedule changes, due to some job stuffs, I’m starting at 6pm CST/CDT, 5pm seems way to pressuring for me at the moment.
  • I’m having a delay with one preliminar sketch, I’m sorry for that, I’ll keep up as soon as possible!
  • I’m canceling my WHentai, no one seems to give a fuck about that thing, or worse, people seems really upset with the latest changes they did, so, if my politic is to avoid paywalls, it’s logical I’m not continuing in that site anymore…
  • I’m officially opening two slots for on stream commissions all fridays, if you want a sketch, ink or flat colored piece, It’s your chance! Check me at my regular schedule!


For this week:

- Monday: 2 Sketches for IsisAzza and Drae Drae
- Tuesday: Nerzha (delay)
- Wednesday: Candescense
- Thursday: Basque
- Fridays: On stream Commissions

My trello for progress:


My usual schedule:

-Monday: dark441 (pending details) / Dooted
-Tuesday: Nerzha
-Wednesday: Shandrinna
-Thursday: Basque
-Friday: Rockin (On stream reserved slot)

My trello for more details.


I won’t be abloe to work or stream anything this thursday or friday, and that means commissions mainly. I’ve been feeling really bad this days... I don’t know why... Tomorrow Friday I’m gonna see a psycologist... is just not normal for me to be like this.

Thank you beforehand for your patience, I’m sure I’ll be back on monday, with all the attitude.

I love you all, my friends, supporters, haters, everyone, thank you so much for being here, I’m sorry for my friends, but don’t worry, I will be fine, I promise...

Ahhh, for the people that are having their fun time with Renamon, Meriem and Zoe, They will be back on monday too, please be patience.

Thank you, Love you all
Hi peeps.

I've been having many difficulties this days... I won't be streaming today. I'm sorry.
In compensation, if you are a old school videogame freak, I'll be streaming some Smash Bros crazyness this saturday.

Take care, thanks for your comprehension ;)
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This is lil’ announcement about how I will mananage some things, specially some commission prices.

The first thing, is that I’m removing the “clean sketch” thing on the inks section, as it caused lot’s of confusion. All my sketches are clean lines anyways, so, in short, clean lined sketches now cost less, being $10 USD base price instead of $20 USD.

The second... after thinking and rethinking a lot about manga commission prices, I came to the conclussion that it was really underpriced, taking in mind the amount of time I need for doing just one page... I removed stuff that caused confussion and limited some stuff, and added a new option: flat colors for comic pages. I hope you understand this changes, I really had to think this a lot, and put on balance time over price.

IMPORTANT: The people currently in queue for a manga commission, will have their prices unchanged, that means they keep paying the old prices for the current work in progress. This is only for new incomming commissions.

In short, I’m not changing my prices, except for manga pages, and I’m simplifying sketch prices, which means, they are cheaper. This way, it’s more comprehensive, and clearer for you.

Check my commission prices here:
Commission Prices and Info! by DarkShadow7777

Thank you for your comprehension, and I expect still counting with your support :D

Cheers, people <3
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As always, I’m letting you know how I will be handling my workload for this week.

1.- Mondays: dark441 (I’m supposed to finish this one today)
2.- Tuesdays: Nerzha
3.- Wednesdays: Open
4.- Thursdays: Basque
5.- Fridays: AmeliaLover

My Trello for more details.

I’m leaving a friendly reminder that, comic commissions are closed, as I have another one in fridays, and one more waiting in queue. Also, there might be changes related to this, so please, stay tunned :D

Today, I will be streaming, as usual, come stop by in <<My Picarto Channel>> from 5 or 6 pm CTS Mexico time.

Again, thank you so much for your support, you people, are awesome :D
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My maximum list for comic commissions is closed, sorry for the inconveniences guys.

I need to plan what to do with that particular type of commission, since there are a couple of things to consider.

I’ll update you with this whenever I’m ready.

The rest of commission types are still open, if you are interested :D

Thanks for your support, people :D
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It eventually had to... I made up a new Twitter account for the lulz, I’ll try my luck there XD.

Clicky clicky.
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Hi there!!!!

Well, 2017 just began, and I decided to do a small change regarding my TOS (again XD), this change is very little in fact. Along the last months of 2016, I was seriously thinking if it was a good idea to remove a statement regarding the extra fee for full resolution files, and I came to the conclusion that is just silly to keep that, so, for all this 2017, the fee for full resolution files is removed entirely… what does that mean?

That means, basically, that, from now on, whenever I finish your commission, you will be getting a full resolution tif file (containing commission information inside it’s metadata), instead of a hi res (50% sized) file.

Why would you do this? You may ask. Simple, I want you to have the best quality possible in your commission, and this is only one way to achiev that goal just for you, my beloved fans and commissioners :D

So,  If you are interested in commissioning me, check out information about it here:

For my captive slaves… I mean, my current commissioners and supporters, THANK YOU so much for supporting me, I love you guys <3.

I just want to say thank you, thank you very much, thank you for all this years in which I had such a magical way. Thank you for all the friends I have, because, even if they are not close to me phisically, they are moraly and emotionally, and I know that, whenever I can feel lonely, you are there, with all you have and all you are, from feisty and chill, to wise, authentic… always with something cool, interesting, supportive or just nice to say.

Thank you yawg, because, even in hard times, you always care for friends (specially at the beggining of 2016, thank you for your support pal!), not you are only one of the best artists I’ve ever seen (if not the best, at least for me), but you are also the “coolest mudafuka of da naighborhood” (traduced that means, the coolest dude you can ever meet). You are the best in many aspects, and I hope 2017 to be the best year for you :D

Thank you to voe-g, :iconkingofkez:, Jager_Wolf,  steelwingsfa, Klesk, Roshynu, McClaw, creepylandiscreepy, sirdan87,  :icons0lar1x:, :iconroynu:, :iconevil-rick:, 0lightsourced, villainous-muse, vexstacy and all the people I’ve met in either the Furry Community or Anime and many other folks, because you are awesome, thank you for existing! May 2017 bring all good luck and vibes to you :D

Thank you to all my commissioners, watchers, stalkers, supporters and even you, CanonFox (aka you know who are you XD), because, without you guys, my life could be really boring, and your support means A LOT to me, really :D.

Thank you so much for existing, ALL of you, even if your username is not listed, you are always in my sight, either via email, skype, notes, whatever. Know that you are awesome, no matter what.

Thank you, thank you so much for being so close, for one more year. :D

Happy 2017 everyone!!!!

I’m currently working on one commission, but this week will not be any schedule journal or such, because... well... Christmas is near! So, I’ll try to finish this commission before that day. In the mean time, I’ll be closed to commissions until January.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I cannot get any emails for any questions or contact you may want to keep with me. Just take in mind 23th, 24th, 25th, 29th, 30th and 31th will be difficult for me to answer, that means, thank you so much for your patience and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Remember I got a Trello, so you can monitor your commission progress.

Merry X-mas, and a better 2017 to all of you! :D

Hello all!

First of all, I want to say, Thank you, Thanks a lot for all the birthday wishes (yeah... today is mah birthday XD), you are all very very kind!

Now, for the bold! I got some news and updates for all of you that you may like :3

Changes to my Terms of Service

I added a pair of additions in my TOS regarding how I deliver commissions and private commissions.

  • Your commission will now be sent to your email, as always, in TIF format as a preffered file extension, this because TIF delivers better quality than the PNG files I was delivering before, also, you can revisit quality features, such as dpi quality (72 dpi, 300 dpi or 600 dpi for manga pages). If you had a finished commission with me before, and you want a new version in TIF format, you can always ask me as I will have a limited offer to send you this new version only this december. With this I ensure you, as my customer, will get the best quality possible from your commission.
  • I fixed a part in which you can tell me if you want your commission to be private or not. A fee might aply for this.
  • I added a new paragraph in which I give you the choice, for free, for your commission to be streamed via my Picarto channel (In case I do a stream) or not. As well, I added anther one in which you can choose if you want to be anonymous or I can set your username in your commission description in my galleries, both of this options are for free.

As a matter of clarification, also, because some people asked me before, I tell you that I work on a 3500px x 4800px canvas @ 300dpi resolution, when I say I deliver your commission in hi-res format, I mean it’s 50% of it’s original size and still 300dpi, for manga pages, it’s a bit different, as they are done in manga paper sized format, equivalent to 3300px x 4800px @ 600dpi, of course, the final page is delivered to you at %50 size and still 600dpi. Hope this helps a lil’ with this doubt. Full Res commissions are available with a small extra fee... a thing I’m thinking on probably changing or even removing depending how much feedback I get in this regard.

So, if you got any concern or feedback regarding this last point, feel free to tell me :)

I got a PicartoTV Channel!

Yeah, with this new laptop, I’m able to stream smut and joy (besides being able to play Super Mario Sunshine... yay!... well, not that much... time kills me...), via Picarto, you can follow me there to get notifications whenever I stream something, of course, I will also notify here in Tumblr, or in my galleries. You can follow my channel here.

I’ll Open a Patreon soon.

Some people might find this disturbing, but let me explain first. I’m not, and I repeat myself, I’M NOT paywalling stuff, as I did my research with you guys, and asked some fellow artists, I determined which will be the goal of my upcoming Patreon project.

Basically, I’m doing a manga, a sexy manga with many perversions and stuff you like from this artist or yours, so, you can help the development of it by supporting this patreon. I’m setting things to make it as open and “democratic” as possible. I’m still working this project as time was not my ally this days, but as soon as I can get things tied up, I will present to you the final project, with all the details.

I recall telling you this before, but the thing is, I need more time for this (and no, commissions are not the part to blame, in fact, I’m very thankful to you guys and your support!), so I really, REALLY hope I can finally open up this project to everyone this next 2017.

WHentai Needs to be Reactivated

Yeah, I’ve been trying to get the artist status in WHentai, so you can have more chances to commission me some funny stuff if you happen to be a user in that site. It has been on stand by because of personal stuff, but once I can get my hands into it, I will fix my status :P

Keeping Blogger Blog

After thinking too much, and even taking in mind what you told me in my earlier polls regarding this topic, I’m keeping my blog in there, just because it’s way too customized to just let it die... you know, it has a custom gallery for images only, all my links to my galleries and stuff, well... all that, easy access and handy.

Anyway, I really appreciate your feedback guys, and, if you have anything to say in this matter, you can always do it :D

All my Links Handy for you.

As I cannot post links to NSFW stuff in DA, if you want to know which places I'm on, please note me, so I can provide you all the links. Just one thing, thsi is NSFW, so be warned, also, NO minors... if I see you are a minor, you are blocked kid, sorry.

Also, for commission progress and monitoring, I had setup a Trello, in which you can always follow progress of your commissions and monitoring if slots are taken or not.

Don’t forget you can email me in case you have a commission inquiry, doubts or something to tell me ;), for information about commission prices and terms, you can always click here. Transparency for you is important for me, as well as being able to be in contact with you anytime you need it.

Again, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, all your support and your watches, faves, likes, reblogs... Well, everything. I love you guys :D


For my beloved followers, fans and commissioners (or future commissioners), that, besides the stuff you can find in my galleries, blog or my tumblr, I also like to draw cute femboys, futas, furries, bondage, tentacles, some abuse, and some gay art (limited by my terms of service, of course).

If you like this too, and want a commission from me, don’t worry, go ahead and email me! and if you are in doubt about what I can do for you, you can always ask me either at my email or via message system here in tumblr.

Also, asks are not limited to TMI thursday, so, if you wanna ask something ANYTIME, go for it!. By the way, I really want to say, thank you for your support, likes, watches, reblogs, everything. That means you like what I do, and that means a lot! Thank you! :3

Your kinky neighborgh
DarkShadow777 aka Petrus Tenebrae.

Fully migrated all my stuff, emulators, ISO’s, VM’s drivers and art files to my new PC…, in case you are wondering, my new laptop is a brand new Acer Aspire E15-553-1768 AMD A12-9700P APU with Radeon R7 Graphics, 16 GB RAM DDR4 and a lil’ weak point, a 1 TB 5400 spinner HDD. Anyhow It’s a VAST difference from my poor Aspire 4535 (4 GB RAM, 256 MB Radeon HD 3200…), I’m pretty happy with it.

Obviously, this means a better way to work on commissions, this thing handles Clips Studio like a champ.

Now, back to bussiness.


I opened a Trello to replace the google docs information with a more comprehensive and complete list, that can be updated everytime I do progress, or slots are taken or not.

If you want to keep track of your commission, or want to know about free slots, you can check it here.

Also, I’m updating my TOS and Commission Chart information to reflect this lil’ change, along with adding some stuff related to MLP, and the chance of being anonymous, if you ask to be like that, whenever I post your commission in any of my galleries. No prices are being changed.

Check both documents here and here.

Thank you for reading, people! :D
Well... honestly, I don't have too much to say in this matter. I feel this has been a tiresome race for all people in America... I don't blame them if it was (we had news about it everyday in my country)

Anyway, good luck with this, and I hope you recover all unity an strenght to look forward and get back you your normality. People is what makes America big, not their politicians.

So, first of all, I really want to say thank you all that support me and participate with me, it’s really important for me. You are awesome people!

Thank you to all my followers, watchers, stalkers, askers… everyone!

The second thing is, I have some questions for you, be sincere and tell me what you think about all this matters. Thanks in advance for your participation!

Poll #1 || Poll #2 || Poll #3 || Poll #4

Again, thank you so much for being so awesome, I appreciate your support guys!


I don’t know how... but I catched a damn flu this last night... I’m pretty much with the drippy nose thing, irritated throat and in general, feeling funny and kinda weak.

This, however, looks like a good sign, because feeling this I will mean I’m in, what I call myself, “Flu Crisis”, which means, I basically feel like in hell, but also means I can recover faster (probably 2 or 3 days, 2 if I got this already).

Of course, I’m taking my probably not known combo for fighting this shit, that is, my jasmine tea, with honey and lemon, and some meds (probably you know about Tabcin) and paracetamol.

However, this means I won’t be able to use saturday, as I promised, to work on a pending commission I was supposed to fill and ink today... I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I hope I can get back to my normal schedule on monday.

Thanks for understanding ;)
You already know which month this is, right?

Because of that, I'm taking special commissions this month, which are those? feature Krystal in your commission and you get $5 USD discount, YES, $5 USD discount this month!

Currently, this are the slots that are free and taken.

This is your chance to have that special moment with our beloved goddess... or just fuck her... or probably just her raping you intil she's satisfied, or raping someone else... or having a gangbang... You get the idea, right?

Get yours nao!