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This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Remember to read my TERMS OF SERVICE before commisioning me.

About Commission Slots.
Check current slot information and commission progress here.

What do I need to get a commission?
Easy, you just need to send me an email with this information to add you to the queue:
  • Your Username (Deviantart, Furaffinity, Weasyl, Hentai-Foundry, Furry Network or Tumblr) so I can find you. Please tell me beforehand if you want to be anonymous or not, so I know how to post the related submission in my galleries.
  • Your Paypal adress, so I can send you an invoice when required.
  • Email title can be "Commission for [your username here]", so I can easily get in touch.
  • Your specific type of commission, for example "I would like a Flat Colored piece of a chick in a forest"
  • After that, a concise, precise description of what you want for it, for example: "I'd like this nude girl, to pose sexy, next to a tree, in a forest".
  • Include your most up to date reference images of the character(s) you'd like to be drawn. If you don't provide any, and want to work solely with descriptions, there is an extra fee. (except for reference sheets)
  • It will be even better, if you include visual reference of the pose(s) you'd like to see drawn, that makes it really easy to picture what you want. This is specially better if you want complex poses.
  • Please tell me if you want your commission to be completely private, or just if you just don't want it to be streamed online in case you require this. If completely private, an extra fee might aply.
  • Tell me also, if you want your username to be present in your commission description whenever I post it on my galleries or blogs or not (remain anonymous).

Are you open for commissions right now?
I'll make posts in my Tumblr, which is Darkshadow7777, as well as journals in my different galleries to let you know whenever I'm open -although, you can always ask-. I will also update slot information from time to time. Of course, I will keep you informed via email about the progress of your commission.

Yours trully
Very trully :3
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July 18, 2016
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